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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th July 2023

First sailing, and all regulars. Suntus, Loz, Max and Richard. Nice calm seas, and with lots of bird action close to a surprisingly empty shingle, we began in tight. Fish immediately, and some fun, but nothing for the table. We moved on.

A few fish at each mark we fished really. Happily, in slightly deeper water, table fish existed and we max killed on our way to 23 landed. Quite chilly while the wind was stiff North East. But, as the air warmed in the sun, so that wind got switched off, and replaced with a very light easterly. A very nice way to spend a morning really. And happy faces leaving the boat, despite returning to the reality of their working day.

Cancelled the next sailing based on the forecast of a stiff Easterly breeze which would be against a large flooding tide, and likely conditions would not be good for lure control. But the third sailing, a birthday gift from myself to my friend Jon, was on. A very pleasant few hours, but the Easterly did return as predicted, and I was happy for the six quality bass we landed. Final sailing cancelled, due to said stiff Easterly.

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