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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th June 2024

Just Mose and Steve joining me for first sailing this morning. A gentle westerly breeze created a gentle westerly swell, but quite pleasant for the duration of the session. Despite the initial 30 minutes of the session being scheduled for bream, as we left the marina we entered a flock of gulls that simply could not be ignored. Eight bass later, we continued on the bream quest.

A quick dozen of those, mostly to Mose on the Isome but I did add a decent fish via the Axia mighty minnow. as Steve and I continued to bass fish. Then, with the new flood, a little journey to find fish I left feeding well on the flood a couple of days prior.

It took until the last twenty minutes of the session, but then I did indeed find them. A little further off than previously but it mattered not. These ones actually open their mouths. We went from eight bass to thirty bass, in those twenty minutes, which shows the pace. Had we more anglers, the tally would of course have increased to scale. Thousands of fish down there. Looking like Sunday before we will get to play with them again...

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