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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th May 2023

First sailing, all regulars. Max, Ian, Lee and Mark. Seas much clearer in the edges, and everywhere you cast your eyes, the white foam, dying may bloom. I had a plan, and blow me, if it didn't actually work for a change. We had a fairly split session. Last of the ebb, first of a strong, spring tide flood at our disposal. And we used it wisely.

First mark, was a good one. Fish were there, and are often there over slack water, at the moment I believe due to the rock worm continuing to leave their normally quite safe burrows, to swim around like crazy worms on the surface. Always looking like they are in a hurry. Very busy worms. What I wasnt prepared for, was the amount of quality fish. From this spot, I dont think we had a single fish under the 42 cm limit, and those taking fish had their fish they wanted within a few drifts.

Eventually, the ever strengthening flood tide moved the fish, and that moved us. And thanks to the may rot decreasing, it moved us in tight, to the places I am happiest. And we found good fish again. Of the 34 fish landed, just three were under the limit, with the biggest likely pushing over 5lb. Really great fishing.

Second sailing, and regular Ian was joined by new to BIF1, Nicolas, Thomas and Vincent. I decided to have a quick look to see if the fish we had just left were still feeding to begin with. Sadly, they were not. That would have been too easy.

We began hunting on the rocks. Vincent got the ball rolling with one of just four table fish landed (happily one each by all my guys) as well as a jumbo mackerel. But the fishing was hard and it took a good hour and a half before finally, seagull assisted, we found a mega shoal of bait, being harassed by mackerel and bass.

Final tally of this session was thirty five fish, so just topping the morning session for numbers, but not for size. The food they are feeding on is tiny, and additionally, fish were very happy smashing off the top. My recently rehooked (Singles instead of trebles) surface and sub surface lures will now be going aboard.

I think it is fair to say, after almost seventy bass for six hours of fishing, the season is open, and the omens are good. If you have been holding off booking until catches are improved, it just happened. Still your cheapest way to bass on the kitchen table also (observing max 59cm kill size on BIF1 of course...)

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