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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th November 2020

Out with Chris, and his first time on BIF1 as he continues his journey into sea fishing, as living in Dorking, where good river and lake fishing abounds, freshwater had been his main focus. To the point, he had not actually seen a bass before. Well what a result. We saw five, very small ones, for three hours enduring an easterly swell. I cancelled 2nd sailing whilst afloat. Enough said...

Footnote: Following on from the rant two days prior, not only did the Angling Trust ignore my misdirected insults, but they ran the scenario through their lawyers. One of the biggest draws for me of being a member of the angling trust, is that these are all of our lawyers, for all things fish and pollution of waterways related. That 27 quid or however much it is doesn't really seem so much for that alone. And the lawyers conclude, that I am operating in full compliance with the new legislation covering this lockdown period. That means all skippers who want to at least keep some cash flow happening can. Skipper plus one client. Which means the PBA statement, has zero basis. And was factually incorrect, at the potential costs of their members. If I have to choose where my subscription goes, I feel this example alone, means it will always be the AT. Clearly, PBA do not even have access to legal advice.

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2020

Sorry to hear of your troubles from the boat lot.

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