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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th October 2021

Not so much to report really. Back in the water after a pitstop yesterday, for her 500 hour service. And light winds. What could possibly go wrong... Well... All summer we have been used to rapidly clearing seas, allowing for fishing to continue, almost immediately any blow ceased. But those blows were not accompanied by heavy rains, washing all the summer dust and grime, and dry, loose and crumbling soils (and cocaine heavy urine at festival sites as a rather interesting BBC report highlighted this week) into the rivers, where the additional heavy flows shoot the sediment from our local rivers like a cannon, far far into the channel.

Add to that, still a pretty serious swell, the remnants of the previous two weeks stiff West, and South West winds, and it was really not a good day to go out. Max, Bill, David and Jude all agreed after an hour, with just two bangs and 3 rocks to show for it. I also cancelled the "Fin 2 Fork" session planned for the afternoon, as it will take at least another couple of tides to clear out even the further offshore reefs. But with such huge tides currently, and very strong currents, the sediment should all be packed in much closer to shore by the morning, so fingers crossed, tomorrows sailings should be back to business as usual.

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