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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th September 2021

First sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome aboard returnee's Ben, David and Phil, and new to BIF1 Stuart. Well, not completely new. We see each other often, as he is a keen kayak angler, and we are often within sight of each other. And now he was on board. Also a keen participant in the All England Squid Championships, which hopefully can be resumed in 2022, CV19 variants permitting.

The routine was based on last sailing yesterdays results. And worked quite well. David was interested in some cuttle (former Sushi chef working in Japan) and we managed to sort five of those out. The first spot we found bass, and some good ones among them. Then a little bit of a hunt around.

Not for too long though. We found a nice line of fish, and with the easterly breeze breaking our drift speed right down, we were able to do some damage. Smalls were there, but so were crackers. It felt like September fishing... oh....

Eighteen in all, plus some jumbo mackerel, and those cuttles. Happy people and a full house of eight bass killed. Off for a quick breakfast, and then meet and greet. Sadly, Ronnie who would have joined us had his ambitions destroyed by London traffic. This left Mitch, David and Richard to enjoy the next sailing. Nice tide still pushing, I had a hunch.

And that hunch turned into a complete crock of pooh. Leaving us in an area that seemed devoid of fish. After almost an hour of stabbing around for very little, I did what I hate doing for so many reasons. A steam to put four or five miles distance between us and the bass vacuum. .

It did pay off to the point, although now we were in the realms of ebbing tide, with the wind pushing us even faster. A big tide, with a stiffening easterly. We did find fish, but if we could have had a slower time of it, I am sure we could have found a lot more. However, of the nine bass we did find, two were crackers, and I think a lure PB for David. 59cm.

Final sailing, and returnees Scott, Steve and Dean, and Dean bought with him his angling buddy Pete. Off we go again. Now, the wind was really quite stiff. It took a few pokes before we found a few fish. And again slow. But again, among the eight fish were two crackers. More cuttles as well, as Steve really wanted them for a planned conger session. Plenty of them there, and with their per KG weight quite high at wholesale, I recommend anyone who likes to use them for bait, jump aboard real soon.

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