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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th June 2021

2nd jab this morning, so just two sailings. Joining me on the 1030, was young Jon, back for more punishment. Found the fish fairly quickly, and went on to nail 27 during the next three hours. Had we been taking for the table, we would have had a brace each, without issue. But neither of us were, so all bass were released. A couple of bream. including one nicely hooked on the 14gm Axia mighty minnow.

Afternoon sailing. and Max came onboard, with Jon returning to work. We headed out to a very different sea, with far fewer bass showing. We had last couple of hours of ebb, and first hour of flood in front of us I knew where I wanted to be for the flood, but the fish have been quite jumping around on the ebb. Spots do not seem to be holding the fish every tide, as I got a little used to last year. It meant going hunting.

And it was a hard hunt. We shot around here and there, for just a bream , a wrasse and a mackerel. Then, the tide began to push west to east. But, the fish were not where I expected them to be. Happily, the birds gave me a course correction. It was a flood tide of micro fry. Excellent at bringing in predators, but predators that are obsessing with tiny fish. Last year, I complained about it a lot. This year, I prepared a little more. And with some subtle yet exciting adaptations to the technique, to mirror the behaviour of the baitfish, suddenly, we were catching. 11 bass in the last hour, including the fish Max really wanted for the table. An excellent ending to a reasonable day. And some terrible photography...

No client sailings tomorrow, as I wish to prepare for a spate of upcoming fly bookings. Got some thoughts and techniques to try, a little different to how I have caught up until now. Not something that is viable with customers on board. Spaces still available Thursday afternoon, and 3 spaces have come up on Sunday 13th 0600 and 1030 sailings. As always, sms to 07970 112774 with your name and the sailing you wish to join, to secure your spot.

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