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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th October 2023

First sailing, and the return after a very long time, of a chap with whom we kind of shared the whole becoming charter skippers with (Bruce and I) , a most excellent producer of motion medias (long ago on my fishyrob website

was a prime example, filmed in Ireland. Happy times) , Alex, and with him, his friend Remus, and Remus's two very capable kids, Arlow (like Harlow without the "H". That will sit in my head forever) and Hayden.

A little private confession here. I do stress when I know when nippers are coming aboard. In part, because it really raises the stakes. Any kid that says yes to going fishing rather than being in his / her online gang playing games (this is the modern reality. Kids social requirements are being met without leaving the house. It wont be global warming that bites us all on the arse. It will be the lack of life skills of those about to run the planet) is absolute gold dust for the future of sport fishing. They must be given the greatest experiences possible. Because, we and our rods and our dwindling stocks, are up against mega corporations putting amazing fantasy almost real experiences onto a micro SD card. Its a tough fight.

Well, happily it all went quite well. Mostly due to the nippers being listeners, a theme continued on the 2nd sailing as you will see. Both Arlow and Hayden listened to instruction and followed it well. As of course, did Alex and Remus. And, as well as 13 bass landed, with seven despatched, Hayden was lucky enough to ensnare a tidy cod. Mackerel, and a foul hooked plaice when we spent the final forty minutes on the squid, which we also found. Happy faces, and a great communal feed on their return home to look forward to.

Next sailing, and a referral from a very long standing clients Brian, Adrian was here, with his daughter Grace. Also along on this trip, regulars Loz and Ian. With quite slack tide to begin with, and quite good squid fishing just prior, and this being another food oriented trip, we kind of did the same as the previous session, but in reverse. Starting on the squid and cuttlefish, successfully, and then, on dead low tide, I went to an area showing bass nicely earlier and we fished the flood there.

Grace, on her first EVER fishing trip, was simply awesome. She got the casting nailed, and then exceeded her dad frequently for distance. And she listened, so of course she caught as well. It was another quite rewarding session. Once again, 13 bass landed, with 8 dispatched. Plus squid and cuttlefish. And lots of laughs.

Final session, was a big weight off the shoulders. Each year, I donate a session to the winners of a monthly best league of fellow lure anglers, based around a local river that we all like to wiggle our latex in. Last years, finally went ahead today. We began trying to make it happen in April. A valid reflection of how our wacky windy year has been. So, finally, Ray, Alfie, Simon and Clive were aboard. With all flood, expected to die at the end of the session which it of course did, and some very experienced lure anglers in the mix, I had high hopes.

And the guys did not disappoint. 18 bass landed, before the tide died, and the bites with it. A patch I do not often fish, but a local dive charter had ten guys in doing a reef dive on the bit I had intended to fish. I elected to try plan B, just until the divers were all up and the area settled. But we just didn't need to. It was quite likely the dive activity pushed the fish onto the bits of rock we were drifting actually. Almost all over the 42 cm, and we killed 6 just because only 3 of the guys were taking for the table.

Clive being the one not taking, as being the owner of an Orkney 19 day angler, he just takes when he fancies really. And Neptune liked this, and rewarded him with the bass of the day at 62cm. With the tide dying, we headed to the squid hole for the last forty minutes. Just 3 squid, and 3 cuttlefish. I wonder if the rest were already on their way into the shallows, with high tide right on sunset. Quite possibly. Be interested to know how people did on the shingle.

Thursday is possibly looking sailable, and anyone booked on Wednesday or Friday may wish to look at it as it currently sits empty all day. And with winds not letting up, and some great results on some pokes locally, I will step up the shore guiding more. Charging £20 per angler per hour, all tackle included. Insured to 5 million liability. Max 2 anglers. I have a Whatsapp group where shore sessions are announced. More a notice board as it does not allow for discussion. If you would like to be notified of impeding shore ventures, simply text your name, and SHORE, to 07970 112774

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