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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th September 2023


Quick one tonight as I have been feeling a bit off today, so am keen to hit the hay.

First sailing, and Bruno was returning, with his friend Stefan on a visit from France, joining regulars Rob and Steve. First hour was again about topwaters, and it was just great. An amazing backdrop, and of the 26 bass landed, it was a max kill for the table. After that first hour, it got much harder, as the sun emerged.

Second sailing, sun was clouded out quite a lot so it wasnt the total disaster I excpected. After far too long an absence, part of family Taverna were on board. Alberto and Marco, and they bought their friends / business acquaintances James and his son Lewis along.

Fishing was hard, but table fish were found. I seem to recall. three bass killed from just 8 landed or something like that. So long ago already. Oh, did I mention the cod? Happily, both Marco and Lewis caught, with Lewis catching a brace.

Third sailing, and my pleasure to finally get Dave and Nat out again after too many wind blown intentions. Joining them, returnee Russ, and new to BIF1 and to lure fishing Greg. Problem was, it was a similar kind of struggle, with just eight bass landed, and for the table, two mackerel. Goodnight :)

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