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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th August 2023

First sailing, and new to BIF1 Rick and Nick were taking the whole vessel, for first and third sailing. Original plan was to fit in some fly fishing, as well as the lure fishing. A prerequisite of fly fishing on BIF1 is maximum of two anglers, due to safety considerations. But to get going, the guys wanted to start on the lure rods.

Very happy they did, as it was quite hard work from the off. First thing was an unexpectedly large swell. Quite safe, but causes big issues with lure presentation. And plenty of hunting, before finally we dropped onto a proper shoal of bass. Where we proceeded to land eleven of them, with four for the table, which was a big relief, as satisfying their wives with fresh bass was a big part of the mission. Lots of mackerel around as well, big, prime eating fish.

Second sailing, I was happy to welcome back Stacey and his amazing casting kid Brody, as well as Lesandro, and Lucas, first timing it. What a struggle it was as well. Even the mackerel were less abundant. I ran the whole range for just three small bass. And who caught all three? It was the amazing casting kid, Brody, and they were the first three bass of what I expect to be a long and successful bassing future.

Final sailing was again Rick and Nick, and similarly a struggle. A little less pressure knowing they had really enjoyed the first sailing, but I dont do pleasure cruises so I hunted as hard as I could. Same end result, a bass each to make three. Plus some mackerel. Needs to all settle down. And it actually looks like that might be happening. As with many a tinder date, it could be false hope, but Summer does seem to be materialising Monday onwards. Weekend however, looks shot.

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