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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th July 2023

Finally, able to complete a whole 3 sailings in a day. The amount of times that has happened this year is on just the one hand. So, please. Stop driving your cars. Dont turn on your gas heating. And grow kelp in your back garden. Whatever it takes to reduce carbon and chill the planet out a little. I want those long settled high pressures back, that used to be a right pain in the bottom for the carp fishing in the eighties.

First sailing, and Max, Bruno and Dave and Natalie, all aboard. Lovely calm seas meant fish spotting was particularly easy, which is why we nailed 53 bass. 6 killed. One returned for being over the 60vm at 62cm. Both Dave and Natalie had their best day so far with me, and they really were buzzing from the action, which always lifts me, as I love to see people developing their lure skills as they visit me time and time again.

So, James, Maggie (new to BIF1 as a result of dating James. Very keen and extremely capable), Leigh and Nick, all returning. James has fished with me for a very long time indeed, and introduced me to Leigh, but I also bump into Leigh with great frequency on my trips to Fraggle rock (Fuerteventura) as we tend to book similar tides for our "holidays".

This session was quite horribly menaced by mackerel. Using small shads when mackerel are around produces plenty of action, but less bass and more mackerel. Thats not to say we didnt find bass. The tally for the session was seventeen fish landed, with two killed.

Third and final session was also the toughest. Finding fish was not a problem, but with the tidal flow being quite dead for much of the session, persuading them to feed was much harder. With me was Damien (celebrating his 50th from last month) and friends Mike, Michael and Grem. And these three guys, were new to fishing.

Not completely, but not since kids, so effectively. Yet, with light line lure fishing for bass on BIF1, all you need to do is listen to the instruction, repeat with the rod, and catch fish. Often easier to get newbies fishing effectively, than those with their own thoughts from years on the rods rattling in their heads.

We moved around a lot but struggled to put a bag together. Mackerel no problem, but bass, a different kett... no... too obvious... A different issue to resolve. Indeed, I think we caught most of the 12 fish we landed on the first trickle of ebb tide. Coinciding with my guys now fishing like pro's after two hours on the job with poor results.

It is true, that often the birthday boy or girl catches the fish of the session. But when I tell my clients to tell Neptune it is their last cast, I lie and say we have often caught the best fish of the session on the last cast. Whatever it takes for them to fish that one the most perfect. And yet, today, Neptune rewarded the birthday boy Damien, with the biggest fish of the session.

Looking like at least 5 days of wind now, last time I checked the forecast. Anyone find me that "Big Issue" wholesaler yet? Else pester me for some river guides.

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