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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th May 2022

Another day where just one sailing is snatched. And truly, only just, as it was getting quite bouncy toward the end. I had been looking forward to this sailing. Jason is somebody I was always going to meet. I like to consider him as much friend as client, although of course, everybody pays. My mum would have to pay. Probably the only thing putting her off. But there is a connection. His brain runs on a similar wave length to mine, and he has similar wide vision that notices everything. He, however, has far more stamina and enthusiasm. He runs rubber through our seas, mostly at night, in every month of the year. And what he has learned from sleeping with the fishes, is book worthy. And today, he was bringing his dad, Graham. I would get to see the genetic line, a generation further back

The bassing has gone off the boil. The glass eels and brit are everywhere. We marked so many bass, but the final tally was just five. The main reason for the venture was achieved though. A bass that would serve four people, to Jason's rod. Naturally. He has become a very zoned in guy. Super concentration that I last saw in Andy Little. In better times, he and I fishing side by side, would likely put a lot of holes in Bass jaws. But until one of us comes up with a solution to the glass eels, it will be tough for a couple of weeks yet.

It gives lots of time for chat though. I learned from Graham about the reefs on the Norfolk coast, that break the storm driven seas, in an attempt to prevent the erosion of the shoreline. Now a popular dive, a pursuit that Graham has been keen on through the years. And I learned from Jason, that you need to gut a bass that is stuffed with rock worms pronto, as they cause the fish to decay far more quickly. And I learned that these two have a huge respect and love for one another, just from their interactions. An absolute joy to do my job today, despite a rolling sea and glass eel obsessed quarry.

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