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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th May Part II

Wind dropped in the afternoon, and the sea quite quickly with it. Enough to mean I called on the 1830 two hour bass dash. Well, that was the plan. Dash out to one specific mark, everyone bags up, come back in, job done.

Mark, Scott and Stuart, all returning, met Lee, new to BIF1. Off to the mark. I nipped one small one out, but despite marking huge shoals, they were huge shoals totally ignoring our shads. Almost in disbelief, after four or five runs through, and with only two hours to play with, I had to move on.

No different anywhere else though. The blue patches of likely glass sandeels, with the bass pack chasing just behind. Lots of bass there, but you wouldn't know about it, without a net. It took a desperate beach drift right at the end of the session to bag the only table fish, which fell to Marks rod. Very very interesting fishing, if not productive.

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