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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th November 2021

Recently, has been pretty much spot on. As much as it is easy to moan when forecasting clearly isnt getting it right, it should be only right to highlight when they are doing a good job. But one thing XC does do, is tend to over judge the actual wind, and never more than today.

We were supposed to be enjoying 10 mph sw winds gusting 15 for most of the day. I recognised as I headed for another most enjoyable blank fly fishing bass on the Adur (I suspect the low water fishing is done for the year above the bridges) that there was in fact zero wind, but this is often the way early morning, and usually the predicted breeze will appear as the day gets going. Except, today it simply didnt happen. And by 0900, and still no wind, I found myself un-cancelling the 2nd sailing. Mark, Fred, Tim and Marco all were still happy to assemble for the 1200 sailing, and so off we went.

Despite the zero wind, there was still a significant swell. But not a show stopper as such, just meant briefing people on where to fish from on the drift, to keep a stable boat. A full and heavy boat actually suits these conditions better than just me on board, and we were soon all fishing comfortably.

Fish were having it as well. In the two hours we were out there, we boated over 40, but sizes were not great. Just 3 for the table from all of those. Lots of fun though, and it was interesting to see the less BIF experienced catch more and more as it dawned on them those tiny plucks really were fish attacking the shads.

And then, in a mirror of the previous day, as the tide began to ebb, so we did get a SW breeze come, and increase. And with the swell already there, it didnt take much to send a couple of swells I was less comfortable with. Additionally. poor Marco was going a bit green. I suggested we head in, and those with time were very welcome to join me on the beach, for another chance of a few fish.

Fred unfortunately had to be picking up his grandson. but Tim, Marco and Mark were all game. Mark was top rod, with three landed and one better one dropped in the surf. Marco and Tim had one apiece, and I blanked, having missed my only chance. But very happy punters, for the chance to mix it up both afloat and ashore. A great salvage of the day in the end.

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