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Brighton Inshore Fishing-Catch report 9th September 2021

First sailing, and regular Jon was joined by new to BIF1, Rob, and friends Orett and Nick. Sea state was great, and skies overcast. Pretty good conditions really. The previous evening, I had popped out as the seas calmed, to work on finding something around low water, as the usual spots had not been producing too well recently. With the remains of the easterly holding me on a steady drift across some ground I have been busting to try, and had a good haul of fish to 4lb. So, with the same timings, I ran the same ground. I think we found three there, but quality fish.

Then, the strong push of the new flood. I knew exactly where I wanted to be for this, and on this occasion it did not disappoint. We pushed the total up to twelve fish, six of which were going up the road.. That is not a reflection of the fishing, more of the ever increasing wind making feeling the takes ever more difficult. Especially when its your first time on the finger. Everyone fished really well, but it confirmed my decision to cancel second sailing was the right call.

Which left 3rd sailing. Initially, I cancelled it also, but on a suddenly improved forecast, although the sea was still very bouncy when we headed out, I knew both tide run and wind, were only ever going to decrease. And BIF1 quite enjoys a bouncy sea. She ate the run out to the mark, where I was hoping for great things.

On board, regular Peter, and new to BIF1 Graham and Bob, on a long term building project locally. Regular pike anglers around their Bedford home, they quite fancied a crack on the lures. But it was very hard indeed. In part, due to the big swells creating too much slack, which means many missed takes. However, their rod skills were apparent, and once they found their sea legs, they began to find fish.

Fish that were more thin on the ground than the morning session, but with dogged effort, and many drifts, we managed to pump the total along. Cuttle fish, mackerel and gurnard all fell, along with the bass. The final tally was nine fish, with the biggest of the day, 58cm, just rewards for Bob. A brace apiece for the table also.

I mention when people are first time on BIF1, for the reason that it directly impacts the results. Way too many times for it to be co-incidence, in the 4.5 years I have been running BIF1, that first timers often watch regulars catch fish, whilst they remain barren. Then, they go away, and it bothers them. And they replay the session in their heads many times. They then come back, and hit fish after fish. Even that man Mark, did this on his first time. Now, he has the luxury of dropping into the mega focused zone at will, and he out fishes me more and more often.

Looking like two days of wind, and then a cracking forecast for Sunday. Sunday's clients need to be aware, the A259 east side of Brighton will be closed from 0730 until 1430. The best access will be from the A27 at the Falmer exit, coming round the east side of Brighton, down Wilsons avenue into the marina. And please leave lots of time if on 2nd and 3rd sailings for travel. On that forecast, even without a marathon, the A23 will tail back. But with the center closed for longer, it will likely be very stop start for much of the last part of your journey. Parking in the marina might also be problematic.

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