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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th September 2023


First sailing, and joining regular Max were new to BIF1 Andrew, Gavin and Harry. Yet another stunning sunrise, but with the neaps and very little tide run, fish were less smashy on the topwaters this morning initially. Having said that, it was responsible for all of the four bass killed.

A little run through a cod gulley caught, a cod happily. Gavin being the lucky captor. And then it was a bit of a struggle, with just a couple of smalls added to the tally. Until the last ten minutes of the session, when a burst of sardines and bird frenzy saw the topwaters again being chased down by mostly small bass. But a lot of fun, with the final tally being 21 bass landed. Lots of smiles, and a happy crew departing.

During that session I realised I was still feeling quite rough. I stopped fishing, sat down and drank lots of water. But the feeling of Urrrgh wasnt going away. I then did something I have never done since I began in May 2017. I phoned in sick. With a two adult with two small children for both the following sailings, I simply was not up to the task. Happily, I was able to get them onto Kestrel Warrior, a 10 meter starfish running out of Newhaven, skippered by my friend Tony. He had actually scheduled himself a day off as he had been working non stop, but I suspect he heard the desperation in my voice. A very nice man.

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