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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch reports 26th November 2023

Just the one sailing today, with the afternoon originally promising strong southerly winds by midday. However, that forecast has now downgraded, and it will be 1500 before the wind arrives. Another sailing lost to forecasting, although of course, it is all a part of the job.

I did actually sail yesterday. The forecast had been for light Northerly winds in the afternoon. Instead we got fairly stiff WNW winds, that prevented me from getting to the only place I know where bass are in numbers just now. After an hour in the inshore rainwater, and just a couple of whiting taps to show for it, nobody was fighting me when I floated the idea of abandoning the session. Today however, we set out on flat calm seas and I knew exactly where we would be going.

I did do a couple of pit stops along the way, and a couple of bass did show on each of them, which does suggest to me bass are starting to creep back to the edges with much improved water quality this morning. But the main event was even crazier than the last visit.

Lee, Jude, Dave and Brunos faces were a picture, as bass after bass connected with the shad. On the top of the tide, the bass rose up in the water, and you had to feed the lure down as it WOULD be hit. The final tally was seventy four bass landed, with of course a max kill. No monsters, but lots between forty and fifty centimetres. Really good fun. Plus three cracking wrasse, and whiting and pouting by-catch. With still no wind, we decided we would add an extra hour and fish squid.

That was abandoned after the first long drift. If the squid were around, we would have got them as we followed the feature perfectly. I suspect this full moon is the one that see's them leave East Sussex until around the last week of March. The wind again having robbed us of what was looking like a very promising squid season.

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