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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 27th September 2017

A very green fly...

Just one sailing today, based on a forecast where a stiff SE breeze kicks in, although as I write this it still has not and we could have squeezed in a 2nd... My regular fly boy John Cremer was on the bow, flicking his fluff, James amidships alternating between HTO MIghty Minnows down below and HTO Canines on the top. And I was parked on the stern, flicking a funny little fly left by the Fulling Mill boys the morning prior. Chartreuse and white, and with quite an excellent built up body. Apparently from their American range. It accounted for the biggest fish of the day, which we weighed at bang on 3lb. I think James on the Canine had the most, off the top, with John managing just two early on, and then struggling. It was a day when I could only find very small, tightly packed, nomadic shoals of bass. No half kilometer shoals as yesterday. It rather highlights how every tide is different. Indeed, I am confident I could go out now, and suddenly find a super shoal. But as it was, without such contact, I was happy for the 12 bass recorded when we returned to port.

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