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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th April 2018 - ADDITIONAL

Some great quality spotties on the new flood tide.

I truly thought I was done for the day with the first sailing. Had I any inquiries I would have attempted to point out the poor fishing in the morning. However, the person who inquired was frequent flyer Mackie. He wasnt to be dissuaded. 15:00 sailing. In true Mackie tradition, this mean us actually leaving the marina at 16:00... Happily former Frequent Flyer Neil (he loved it so much, he has bought his own center console, a beautiful Atlantis 20) was out there, and had found a sudden burst of good sized plaice on the first of the flood tide.

Neil loving his Atlantis 20 CC

Emerging out of the mouth of the marina, I was suprised how bumpy it was. The easterly wind across a small, not so strong flooding tide, has still kicked up a bit of a lump, despite the wind being really quite light. Enough to stop me from heading off to the coddie spot. I asked Mackie... "Plaice?". He agreed we should have a go, and should it not happen, go do something else.

They scrap to the last...

It happened. Indeed, I think we came in on the tail end of it. We had a dozen plaice in the first hour, including a few double hook ups. The 2nd hour, much quieter, with rain and a stiffening, cold wind towards the end of it. I specialise in reading people expectations, even just from their facial expressions... "Mackie, shall we call it a 2 hour trip and head in to the warm...?" ... "Yes please" was the response. But, a cracking 2 hour session, that would have been even better had we got out at the original time. And such a contrast from the morning session. Such is fishing.

2 spaces available for 1st sailing Wednesday, 4 spaces for 1100 and 1530 sailings. With a ESE wind expected, it will probably be all about the plaice on isomes, taking advantage of the continuing crystal clear seas we currently have. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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