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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 4th August 2018

First sailing with Stan and Craig on board... And a bit of a struggle to be honest. A stiff North easterly wind meant limited options. The forecast was for it to drop, but until then we mostly sat under the cliffs. Always some fish there, often bigger ones, but just a schoolie obliging for the time we were there. As the wind dropped it gave me the option to venture further west, where I managed to pop out a better fish. But overall, a disappointing session. Particularly upsetting as Stan had the boat booked for a fly session the following morning. I pointed out we would have more freedom with much lighter winds forecast for his session, although I did offer him the option of binning it, as the fishing didnt seem too great. Happily, I think overall he liked the mechanics of the session, even if the results didnt live up to my hype. He stayed with the booking.

How things change. By the time we headed out for 2nd sailing the wind had dropped to pretty much nothing. All options suddenly open. But the fishing was still a struggle. We did manage far more action though, and overall there was much more anticipation with every retrieve for Ian, David, Mark and John. So much so, that David booked in for the following session, as had Ian, which made for great banter over a Piggies Steak baguette in the turn around.

Guy also joined us for the 3rd session. It started ok, but the wind swung SW and increased, and then swung South East (our worst wind direction perhaps, especially over a flood tide) and the prospect of a now already lumpy sea getting worse, meant I called it an hour from the end, and also cancelled the final sailing of the day.

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