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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th April 2019

Out with Anna and Ross this morning. Last time this gorgeous couple sailed with me they had a bit of a bonanza day, so it seemed only fair that my first job was to manage expectations... "Guys, remember last time, the big cod and bass?"... "oh yes" they replied. "Well, sadly that isnt going to happen today..." I returned. I then explained how I felt the bass had not really established on the inshore reefs as yet, and that I thought it might be related to the may rot. "However" I offered, "the plaice have been feeding pretty well in it".

I should have whispered, but buoyed up with confidence, I said it pretty loud. So loud, neptune had clearly absorbed the entire conversation. Because pretty much everything went exactly not to plan. Exactly opposite in fact. With the very strong NE wind confining us close in, where plaice have been reasonably happy to play, suddenly, they were not. Well, a tease. When demonstrating how to fish the HTO Frolic / Isome combination a small plaice whacked it in 8 feet of water, I thought it might be game on. But it was very slow indeed. To the final 45 minutes, perhaps six plaice to the boat, with just two for the table (and with six guests attending a barbecue, possibly a trip to Newhaven fish sales after to save face...)

Then. the guys wanted a change of tactic. We blasted east, and tried a run through on the HTO Mighty minnows. Nothing doing. But still in the early flood, I thought I would check out a spot West side. Here. whilst cancelling the next sailing on my mobile with one hand, as with just five minutes of the session to run the wind had not abated as forecast, the simply dangled minnow got smashed by a very spritited fish a little shy of 5lb. Followed by another, smaller. Wow. Bass had arrived on the very close reefs. My world just changed.

Straight away I regretted my decision to cancel the next sailing. I didn't try to reverse it, but did give everyone the option of sailing at 1600 as long as the wind died. Al, Stuart and Talia could make it, so it was back out again. Back to the same bass spot, a couple of drifts produced nothing, and nothing seen on the fish finder. However, the wind much abated now, meaning access all areas. I decided to head to some areas which had been productive a couple of weeks ago already. East side, nothing doing. Rot more condensed. Out a couple of miles. Fish showing, but taking so tentatively. One hooked and dropped. More bumps. And then the shoal was lost. Onwards...

A stop to look for plaice on beast bank. Plaice we found, beasts they were not. Finally a couple of schoolies, and a huge pout. By now, it was time to return, for the bottom of the tide, to see if any bass had come back to the Manners. They had. Al missed three takes on the trot. And happily, Stuart nailed a good one. And once more, it was five minutes before final call. It transpires the plaice are NOT always happy to feed in the may rot, and the bass ARE on the close reefs.... Neptune. He does like a game...

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