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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th June 2019

First sailing was cancelled, due to monsoon rains being driven by a brisk wind. But by the time of the 0930 sailing, perfect overcast, muggy weather had taken over. Dean, his grandad Colin, Simon and Clint went on to enjoy some very good sport. Not with numbers, although there are stacks of bass inshore at the moment, but with quality. Why less numbers? Fish food... There is a mass of sub 1cm britt shoals, and the bass are simply charging through them with their mouths open to get a feed. This conditions them to ignore anything that isnt a sub 1cm britt shoal I suspect. However, the silver lining, is with the wee ones harrasing the even wee-er ones, the bigger ones get a chance to have a go on the lures. Which is what is happening. Biggest on first session to Colin, at 7lb 4oz.

1400 sailing, Clint and Simon remained, and were joined by Armando and Jon. And the fishing, and the banter, continued. Best fish on this session went just over 6lb, with good 3lb + support. Also on this sailing, the big dredger, SPLIT III arrived into Brighton, to deal with the silting of the fairway and entrance. Much needed as ever since the new flats and the footings for the even newer flats were built, the marina cannot de-silt itself as it once did.

1800 sailing, and we said goodbye to Jon, Clint and Simon, and said hello to John, and Brian. Brian is extremely vision impaired, and works at the blind veterans hospital at St Dunstans. The idea was to see if BIF1 and light line lure fishing were compatible for the veterans. Checking out his smile, and bubbling enthusiasm after the session, I suspect it might be a goer... And he managed the only wrasse of the day!! Also during the last session, the engine check alarm sounded. Oil!!! I topped up to get us back in, and cancelled first sailing for the following day as she needs still more. But ultimately. she needs a new oil cooler, so more expense and down time in the very near future. Boats. If I didnt create income with her, there is no way I could afford her. All you private boat owners have my deepest sympathy...

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