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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th August 2019

There has been a pattern in recent diary entries. Good sailing, good sailing, poor sailing. Sometimes, poor sailing, good sailing, good sailing. Other times, but less often, poor sailing, poor sailing, good sailing. But it is very rare to get good sailing, good sailing, good sailing... Today was a very rare day...

First sailing, and just Mark and Martin on board. We headed out into a seagull ripe sea, not unexpected on first sailing. Stacks of bait, also not unexpected first thing in the morning. First 30 minutes, slow. Simply couldnt get the marked fish to open their mouths. But as the tide got ebbing more strongly, suddenly the fish changed their minds.

We counted over 30 that first sailing, with some great sizes. Indeed , far fewer smalls than of late. Biggest, probably Mark. A fish of around 6.5lb.

Heading back in, quick huge spoons breakfast, meet up with Paul and Jon, and back out again. This session was fewer fish, but the sizes were amazing. We saw numerous 3's and 4lb fish, and all sizes up to the biggest of the day, weighed aboard a pretty stable boat, at 9.75lb.

Third sailing, we left Martin and Jon behind, and swapped them for Charlie and Peter, and what was brilliant was the seagulls were still hanging about. Big clouds of brit darkened the waters surface. Mackerel shoals smashing anywhere you wanted to fix your eyes for a few minutes. Very fishy. And so the fish continued. And again, big fish. From not having caught bass on lures before, Peter now sports a PB of over 9lb, the second biggest of the day. Charlies had a big 7, as did Paul. Indeed, Paul had a 6.25 and a 7.75 in consecutive casts. Amazing fishing, with appreciative clients. It doesnt get any better than today from a skippers perspective. Everyone left the boat absolutely buzzing.

Of course, this was one of Neptunes games. A little tease, as the weather is about to close down my floaty ambitions. But it might be a tease with a sting in the tail for Neptune. I am pretty sure, that when I next get afloat (possibly ten days of big winds ahead. Maybe more...) there will be coddies added to the mix. I got a couple of theories about cod after last year. This year will be the year I get to test them...

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