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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th November 2019

1st sailing and I was excited for the trip, it must be said. Mostly because we had conditions that would actually allow us to control our lures properly, and select the right sized lure for the fish, rather than for the conditions. But actually, it didnt really make so much difference to the results. Indeed, on the 2nd sailing, an Easterly which was not on the forecast made an appearance, and messed the drifts up royally. But was still the better session...

In part, it was because I always learn from the first sailing something. We spent perhaps too long hunting a coddie, before I came back to some marks which have been recently reliable. From gurnard and pout, we found a couple of bass and wrasse. And of course squid. But a testing, tough session, and VERY cold.

Next one, the wind over tide produced a bit of swell (a small co-efficient. Had the tide been stronger, a cancel would likely have been the result). But despite being pushed back over the tide, we stumbled across a few bass (and wrasse) with perhaps ten falling over drifts. Slow going though. One a drift, two a drift stuff. Finally, even they seemed to give up on us, so we went and drifted for plaice on the HTO Frolic / Marukyu Isome combinations. Half a dozen, the biggest being perhaps close to 1.5lb. Nothing to set the world alight, but enough action to bring smiles to faces. My bottom line hope.

Weather now looks like it has shut us down for the next 7 days or so. But often things change, so please keep checking the sailings on our Facebook page (Brighton Inshore Fishing) for latest sailing announcements.

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