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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd December 2019

First sailing, with Chris, Tristan and Jack on board, had all the hallmarks of a very poor session initially. The usual potter around looking for a cod, that produced just pout. Then in to find bass that were not there. Desperation sent me out to the banks, where things did get better, with plenty of whiting and a few gurnards to play with and at least getting the rods bending. But whiting fishing, although fun, is for a pit stop, not for a whole session, and happily everyone agreed.

"I know a spot where at least a few bass should be" I suggested. "Likely small, you cant take any, but a lot of fun..." The crew were happy to have a go. Thing was, there wasnt just a few. There were tens of thousands, outnumbered only by the zillion herring they had cornered. This is what would have been happening a month ago, but the incredibly heavy rain fall had made the inshore unattractive to the bait fish, and so, the last month was well below bass expectations. Now, we are getting the autumn bait balls. That it is nearly Christmas, that the water temperature is now under the supposedly magical ten degrees, does not seem to bother the bass in the slightest. We snagged perhaps 30 silver bars, before the phone shrilled its "Session over" alarm.

At breakfast, we were joined by the forth member of the crew for the 2nd sailing. Brandon's first go on a charter boat, and I suspected he had some reservations from our phone conversations prior. Happily. as we left the marina, the bass shoal had not left, but if anything grown in size and we were able to pick up where we had left off before breakfast. Multiple hook ups the norm.

After perhaps 45 minutes, I suggested we might go hunting to see if we could find bigger fish. Well, we didnt find bigger fish especially, but wherever I stopped the engine, the bass seemed to be crazy for our HTO Mighty minnows. It really seemed as if I could do no wrong. Lots of multiple hook ups, and we easily went over 100 fish for the day. Biggest? Perhaps 3.5lb. But to have such hectic action, especially while listening on the radio to other boats not catching much at all, in the first week of December. Simply amazing. And to keep the feelgood feeling happening, we even put our hands up to the coastguards plea to retrieve a broken down vessel...

One space still available on the 0730 sailing tomorrow morning. Nice forecast, but I wont focus just on bass, as there will be fish eaters on board, and bass are now enjoying their close season from Anglers eating them. I think I will split it 50/50 edibles, then fun with spikeys 07970 112774 if that sounds like something you might like to do.

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