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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st January 2020

Finally, lot of things came good. Viz, although still not perfect, certainly much improved. Rainfall, really none for a good few days. This is very significant to our inshore fishing as we are blessed (cursed?) with two major catchment rivers spewing what the gods have sent down out miles into the channel. And the swell had mostly gone, just a little protest to the very light Easterly breeze. Time to catch fish.

Snag was, the final factor that leads to craziness, the big balls of little silver fishes, still are not re-formed. The sounder catches little pods scurrying around desperately trying to find each other to create the security many tens of thousands of brethren. But it wasnt until later in the day, as I headed back in, that I saw any big concentrations. And as such, so are the predators scattered around. Plus the time of year. Continuing the theme "fish for what is there", we started with a go for a coddie (some were up in the nets the previous week) which failed. Followed by bass, whiting and wrasse. A few bass did show, although sadly no proper ones, but still nice to see them on the first trip of 2020. But the whiting fishing was actually reasonably good. No 2lb fish today, but quality fish fine for the filleting. Plus some smalls readily snapped up by Father and son duo Doug and Adam, for pike baits in the River Mole, which happens to run through their back garden!!

Other father and son duo Phil and Ben were also enjoying good whiting fishing. Ben is a very focused 7 year old, and it very much showed as his rod was perhaps the one bending the most. And a suprise. The 30gm size frolics were thoroughly outfished by the 75gm, which perhaps is more representative of sprat size, or perhaps simply advertises itself better due to increased surface area.

2nd sailing and it was much the same routine, although to different areas. But the whiting on the same bank as in the morning was the only place for significant action. Not particularly what anyone on board wanted to catch was the snag here, so we did go hunting. Found a bass down west, but really, if you not into tings, there isnt a lot there for you. Still, smiles all round on departure, with new to BIF1 Miraj and Ben, gelling well with regulars Mark and Ian. A good fun trip..

Likely to be hard for the next few weeks. Which is why I am leaving BIF1 up on her dock for a little while. Possibly the next couple of months. Flight ticket booked to return on 26th Feb to bring me back from Portugal, where I will mostly be bass fishing. If the fishing is less good, or the experience less fun than I hope, then I will return sooner. Or if the gurnard or spring coddie run starts happening, that also might be enough to bring me back. Time will tell. As will this blog. So, I wish all clients past, present and future, the most happy of new years. Whilst I embark on my own happy new year.


The season now begins on the 1st March 2020, ending 31st October 2020. The bag limit is increased to two fish per angler per day, with 42cm the minimum size. The 5lb maximum kill size remains in place for those fishing from BIF1

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