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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th April 2024

Just the one sailing which was aimed at the tiniest of wind windows. With short tides and green seas, it was unlikely to be amazing either, but Nick, Andrew. Bob and Duncan, and me of course, were happy just to be actually going fishing.

Tried a couple of spots, but it was back to the rock worm area for the first of very little action. We did get a few bangs here, and Duncan landed a very nice one to lift everyones spirits. But then a long time with just a big pouting and a few "on - off's" before we made a move and found the next bass, a small to Nick. Bob did have a very good fish on for a minute before it too bounced off. Indicative of half hearted feeding.

Then the stiff SW wind, forecast to arrive an hour after we should have finished decided to arrive early. We toughed it out and tried some different spots, but it became too much to fish effectively, and we retired half an hour early.

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