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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd June 2020

Just the last sailing today, with Bruce and Silas on board. I had been waiting all day for the swell to drop, and although a little bumpy heading out, with the new tide, it calmed off very quickly. Less good was the clarity. That had been a proper blow the previous day, which, with the arrival of SPLIT III, the dredging operation which digs the sediment from the marina, and returns it to the reef from whence it came, meant the sediment was taking longer to settle than normal. We cracked on regardless.

And we struggled. Even the plaice, that bring giggles to the lips of all those that hook them on the light lure gear, did not want to feed. We had to head offshore, for the only spikey things to reveal themselves. Well, thing really. Happily, Bruce did manage one. And that was that.

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