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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd July

Managed to squeeze in one more sailing, before this current low pressure system with its accompanying winds arrived. And a father and son session, which are always great. Heading out on flat calm seas, I stopped quite quickly to assess rods skills. When I say father and son, it was really all about the lad, Sari. Dad Assaad was happy to observe, although I did bully him into landing the first fish of the day, a schoolie. Just watching is an expensive option on BIF1 so you may as well get involved.

Sari's casting skills were fine. Indeed, much of what Sari did was fine. The biggest problem, was he wanted it TOO much. I needed to chill him out. My thoughts turned to vodka, but as he was only 11, and his dad was on board also, I stuck with calming words. Something that I try to do with everyone I meet of all ages, is put myself in their shoes. And I suspect I am quite an intimidating character to an school kid who doesnt quite know what to expect. So, talking calmly through what we were doing, and oh so important, especially with children who are always looking for reason, why we were doing what we were doing. It had effect, and pretty soon he was casting nicely, and fishing nicely, and because of this, catching nicely.

No beasts, but we did manage to find two for the table. And then, for the final hour, we turned to plaice. Again they were feeding, and again there were fish for the table. Lovely, fattened creatures, over the 1lb mark. And big smiles. I think you will be reading more of Assaad and his lad Sari. I hope so, as there are some issues to address. One is quite a common one amongst kids. They want to fish, and catch, to satisfy that rockpooling curiosity... What is in there? Why? Harnessed, this is the thinking that creates capable anglers. But we need to get rid of the typical sticking points for one his age. Especially not wanting to touch them. There was already great progress. Holding one on the line was indeed progress. And I bullied him into touching and stroking a couple. Now he will be away, but an eleven year old brain is constantly processing. I think we will have him lip gripping by the end of the next session.

Looking like Wednesday will be the next sailing. I will extend the availability ticker from then onwards. Monday and Tuesday bookings I have not cancelled as yet, in case the forecast changes, but that is looking unlikely.

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