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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd July 2022

Just the one sailing today thanks to our breezy summer. Looks like a week of only getting out in small windows of lesser winds by the looks. On board Max, returning, and Steve, Tony and Paul, all new to BIF1, although as things turned out, I suspect they too shall be returning.

It nearly didn't happen though. Anyone that has fished a tough session with me before, will know I keep on hunting right up to the final whistle. Today highlighted why I do that. The first 2.5 hours were hard going. And then finally, I found what I was looking for. A shoal of table fish, likely gorging on newly hatched cuttlefish.

Up to that moment, we had just one small on board. But as this was the only sailing of the day, and that the guys had worked hard for very little, I bolted another thirty minutes onto the sailing time. This we used well, with the final tally being twelve landed, with seven killed for the table. That was a pretty good last hour, and yet, it was a fraction of the fish I marked. Lure guys... why havent we got any 4" cuttle fish in latex on the drawing board? Your all too squid obsessed.... And from noting this annual change in behaviour, short tides are suddenly something I will be looking forward to from now until mid October.

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