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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th July 2022

First sailing, and the boat chartered by new to BIF1 Mike and Lloyd, on the occasion of Mikes birthday just yesterday. Mike and I had actually chatted about swelly seas, and he wasnt worried by them, as a small boating enthusiast himself. This was just as well, as we headed out into a long swell, caused by a fairly stiff NW breeze. But what I had not expected, was quite coloured water, due to yesterdays quite strong South Westerly.

I ran a few spots in close, but it became clear our only chances were further off because of the visibility. A real shame, as we had early flood which can be very good at the moment in tight. Offshore, swells were bigger, which made lure control difficult. The guys did well to catch anything at all. Just three bass landed, but all were table fish and a dozen mackerel, to keep chef Lloyd with plenty to do at a planned family gathering.

Second sailing, and Shinji returning to me, this time with Akinori, and ladies Akiko, and Nozoni. And of course, regular readers may know where this is going. Of course, of the five bass landed, the ladies had four of them, sadly, all too small for food purposes. Nozoni was especially unlucky, a 3lb fish unhooking itself on the surface, even as I lunged for the net. Shinji held the end up for the boys, as his single bass did make it to 43cm, and ingredients category.

Some chunker mackerel added to the food tally, and many big smiles. A really fun, if rather tough, and still a little bouncy, session. Which lead us to the 3rd sailing. Wow. 3 sailings in a day. Its been a while, and wont be tomorrow where the normal trend of wind only allowing an early sail continues. This time Asim and his son Adey, much grown since our last meeting, plus David, as Asim, a client from way back in the days of being a shore guide. So, much familiarity and warmth regardless of the outcome.

The outcome was six bass, plus fifteen chunky mackerel. Just two were table sized, one each for father and son. Basically, the whole day was pretty hard going, which was not what I expected, as it was also the first dull day for a very long time. And yet, the blow yesterday put colour in, that is taking more than a tide to remove. Even this evenings flood was carrying quite heavy colour. A night of calm and a swing to Easterly tomorrow, and weed and colour should quickly become a distant memory.

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