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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st August 2023

Bye bye August 2023. We won't be seeing you again ever, and I am none to sad. Worst August for sailings since I started afloat in 2017, despite full boat bookings for every sailing, which is something every charter business strives to achieve. But wind prevents me from becoming super rich, and buying that Caribbean island, so I guess its business as (the new) usual going forwards. Please do remember, if I am cancelling you for the 12th time on the trot, that it is BIF1's tiny profile and low sides, that make her such an effective shallow water lure boat. But that is also what makes her vulnerable to cancellations on winds of double figures, which has very much been the norm this year.

To finish as we started with August 2023, just the one sailing before again wind shuts the door on fun fun fun. With me, Mark and his son Ethan, returning, joining local regulars James and Loz. I had bought BIF1 round to the visitors bay the previous evening, as we were heading out at dead low tide on a particularly big (supermoon) spring low. A big spring low, the water retreats the furthest it ever retreats. and with the dredger not finished digging the silt out in the marina, I did not want to risk a grounding. Especially knowing that the forecast suggested we were going to be blown in near the end of the session.

Plan was to again start on the top waters. Was a good plan, and we did get some interest straight away, with a couple of fish. But it was nothing like the previous mornings. I hoped it would improve as the tide moved, but it didnt. Some shad work did though, with a couple of fish of 58 and 54 falling to my rod. Just two more food fish from the final tally of just ten bass landed. Plus gurnard, wrasse, mackerel and Ethan bagged a small pollack.

Tomorrow we welcome September 2023. And it already is looking as if I will be sailing every day at least until Tuesday. We love you already September 2023. Keep doing your thing.

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