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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th July 2022

Not too much to say about this sailing. Who am I kidding... The harder ones usually get the most waffle in the blog. And this was a hard sailing. Nick Steve and Richard all did exactly what was asked of them. And I found plenty of baitfish. The thing missing was the bass. Despite much running around, the only one we connected to, a decent fish, threw the hooks at the net. That fish came from as shallow as I dared to go into, so I suspect plenty of bass were in very shallow water this morning. Perhaps someone fishing ashore found them?

What did happen though, and something I am always happy for, was we were boarded by a Fisheries patrol. Properly searched as well, although they didnt find either the cocaine or the illegals I had stashed in my wheel house which shows they were truly dedicated to finding illegal fish. I look forward to these meetings as it is a good opportunity to pass on intel, of which I have a lot having been doing a lot of shore based fishing. One little trick that is happening impressed them enough to investigate further I think.

But we turned to mackerel for some value for the guys in the last moments of the slightly extended (due to the inspection) session.. Lets be honest, mackerel taste far better than bass anyhow, and with them being reliable enough to be able to drop back to for the last thirty minutes. Just Richard though, as it is too much to work feathers for everyone. Way too many tangles. Looking up a bit wind wise now over the next couple of days, other than first sailing tomorrow, which does look a bit draughty. With a full day, I should be able to drop much firmer on the pulse of what the bass are currently up to. As always, watch this space!!

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