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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th December 2020

Now that was a cold one... First sailing, and I was joined by Armando and Paul. And both were determined the session would be all about food fish. I had explained that the previous day the cod and squid had not played, which really only left mackerel and herrings. But they were happy to give it a good go, and as you may have noticed throughout the history of this blog, every day is different.

Sadly, it wasnt different where cod and squid were concerned. But with the feathers deployed as backup, at least mackerel were obliging. So, once plenty of those were onboard, we went on a herring hunt. Which meant moving off bass on more than one occasion, as small fish were quire abundant. One poor creature smashing a squid jig, which is a first for me. I say poor creature, because deep throating a jig is pretty much instant death, a multitude of tiny blades perforating the gills.

And could we find those herrings? we could not. Each time I thought we were om, they turned into either mackerel or bass. Final tally of herrings, zero. Not the most successful of sessions, and a real test of endurance for the guys, who came back with considerably less feelings in their fingers than they had headed out with.

2nd sailing, and I welcomed Peter and Dan on board. Dan was happy for anything, Peter was keen on bass, which considering how unsuccessful the cod / squid hunt had been, seemed like a great plan. So, of course, we came out, to bird less skies. On the hunt... Found some, but sizes small. Moved on. That pretty much set the stall for the afternoon. Very hard to find a better sized fish today. We trumped along, getting to maybe 20 fish, but the biggest, maybe 2.5lb. Quite a contrast to the previous day.

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