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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th June 2021

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Strange day today, and apologies for a vey short report. 1st sailing, and it was hard. Stuart was on board, with wife Lisa, and stepson Kai. Fish were not too hard to find, but we are currently saturated with baitfish inshore. Glass sandeels, and this years newly hatched fry, hanging around every bit of rock. Lots of choice for bass just now. We did eventually find a shoal that had not fed, and landed ten fish from it, but sizes were small. Nothing over 40cm. Quite frustrating as the main mission was to get a fresh bass, for Stuarts nan, whom they have not seen since before the lockdown. Normally not a problem. But this time a problem. Silver linings, all caught their first lure caught bass. And Stuart pushed it further, with his first lure caught bream.

Next sailing wasnt a sailing, but an hour and a half poke. I wanted to try something, so I called upon two of my top rods. Mose and Jon were happy to oblige. We went out, and after a couple of jumps finally found a shoal of fish that were especially happy to feed. 43 bass fell and happily, plenty of table sized fish among them. Which left me in a happy place. Mose and myself both dedicated a fish each to the nan fund. I messaged Stuart and asked him to meet me at the same place we had met in the morning. Of course Nan was going to get bass. That was the original plan. So, we made it happen. Stuart was a very happy man.

3rd sailing was a late one, arranged for working folk that can no longer use furlough as an excuse to board BIF1. And the worst session of the day, and possibly the month. Ian, Mark, Andre and his lovely girlfriend Angela fished their hearts out. For just two small bass. So frustrating, as I had been expecting to simply pick up where we had left the bass feeding so hard. But, the snag is, bass have fins. And often choose to use them...

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