Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st January 2020

Finally, lot of things came good. Viz, although still not perfect, certainly much improved. Rainfall, really none for a good few days. This is very significant to our inshore fishing as we are blessed (cursed?) with two major catchment rivers spewing what the gods have sent down out miles into the channel. And the swell had mostly gone, just a little protest to the very light Easterly breeze. Time to catch fish. Snag was, the final factor that leads to craziness, the big balls of little silver fishes, still are not re-formed. The sounder catches little pods scurrying around desperately trying to find each other to create the security many tens of thousands of brethren. But it wasnt until lat

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th December 2019

Always a gamble this session. Viz still not ideal, and there was always going to be the remnants of the huge swell from the previous day. We went out, and although zero wind, the swells were reminiscent of being in the Indian Ocean. Long swells with deep troughs that really affects the stomach. However, of all the crews to have on board, the father, son, son-in-law trio were all hardened yachties... Happily though, the fishing was also dire (as had been forewarned to my crew). Long swells mean that although you think you are fishing your lure well, the fact is each time you are up on top of a wave, so your lure is fishing through a range not at all attractive for the fish that are there at t

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